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Anyone can create a professional-looking website with Intelligible's selection of 51 powerful shortcodes. Columns, drop caps, icons and dynamic elements such as buttons or charts are all immediately at your fingertips - no coding skills required!

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Effective data presentation.

Sometimes hard numbers just don’t cut it. Use the Google Charts shortcode to turn your data into attractive charts of all kinds; customize colors, labels and chart sizes to present your information as effectively as possible.

How to use Types of chart
Shortcode Charts Demo

Unlimited Featured Pages

Draw attention to selected information or specific pages by displaying them in an eye-catching slider like this one. You can pick an unlimited number of pages to be featured, or create new ones as the need arises.

Any kind of content

iconAll kinds of content can be featured, including images or flash videos - the sky's the limit!

Automatic slide height

iconThe height of each slide is automatically determined by the amount of content added.

Unlimited sidebars

Can't get enough sidebars? Intelligible allows you to add as many of them as you want, anywhere you want, on any page you want.

Custom sidebars

You don't have to use the same default sidebar on every page, either - you can create a different custom sidebar for every page or post if you'd like.

Custom widgets

Add functionality to your unlimited sidebars with 8 custom widgets. Each can easily be customized according to your needs. Read more about them here.

Multipliable widgets

Did we mention that the included custom widgets are multipliable too? Mix and match them to create sidebars for all kinds of purposes!